Bloxburg update and my house update

The game bloxburg just had an update.The update had more elevators types, revolving doors,and escalators.So now some people on bloxburg build hotel and other building with these item.With my house its a two story house. I’m not worrying about the furniture right now I have all the walls and flooring down.All I have to do is to get the second floor roof.Then with the money I earn i will start to buy furniture.So far everyone that play this game loves the new update.


Bloxburg is a on roblox.Its when you have to built your own house and your own job.For example  my job  on   Blox-

burg is working at a supermarket as a stokers that means that I restock the food so people can buy it.My shif is from 7:30 to 3:30.


Oakdale Elementary has an Afterschool Program.It is called SOAR with stand for School Out ! Academics and  Recreation. Oakdale has SOAR to boost student academic performance, reduce negative behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for our student during Afterschool  hour.Soar has clubs because they moved clubs to Friday to increase Friday attendance.

We call it Fun Fridays.Students are able to choose between Tennis,Scouts of america,Art,Board Games, Technology ,and coding. On Wednesdays student are able to do karate and dance.


 They  provide clubs because we believe students need the opportunity to apply thier skills with

Extracurricular hand-on ativities like clubs and sports. They offer our students many opportunities to get involved outside

the  academic classroom, allowing them the chance to grow not just academically but physically and socially as well.

There are 80 students attend the Afterschool Program.They have teachers planning field trips for the students.Soar

allow parent to know that their children are safe during afterschool  hours while they,re still at work.They know their children will experience improved  academic and social-emotional outcomes.Each year they give out variety of awards at the end of the celebration.Last year they gave attendance,academic,inprovement,outstanding student,and different character education and club awards.


AfterSchool at Oakdale

TAt after school at oakdale we have dance every Wedenday.My after school teacher is Mrs.Fincher and Ms.Jacks. First we do our homework.Then we ether go outside or in the classroom on the comptuer.Every Friday we have clubes.If you waut to learn or be in afterschool go to Oakdale Eagle so you can feel the fun

farm stand

Oakdale is haveing there last farm stand.They are having sugar snap peas,mixed green,salad mix,kohlrabi,

carrots,cilantro,kale,collards,stawberries,flowers.The farm stand is going to be held at Oakhill Elemary school

atfer school kids worked hard planting those plants.From 2.15-3.00.OAKDALE mabe the

farm stand

Fun Friday by.devyon


Inside, we race . We also watch movie. Outside, however, we play on the

playground. In P.E at oakdale children are doing a test.We do the

Mile .      We race to the cone and back.we do jump rope and football

In the field. We play kickball.Fun Friday isP is fun on Fridays, because we do dances .We go play outside and play basketball aha moment for the

Student to see how much for you can have in pe when you bring

Out a little bit of everything for normally don’t get a chance to play

With during pe pre-k-k-2nd get a chance to play to ride on tricycles

,scooter,hittite hop,etc….balloon volleyball,big ball toss and catch game etc


. Tournament

,perfromancess .long jump rope teams etc….occasionally have

Guest speaker for motivational purposes .A fun day”wow’

moment.Fun Friday is so much fun.

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